Everbuying.com, scam or not?

November 24, 2010 11:19am CST
Anyone else use this site? This site has the cheapest electronics and gadgets you can find on the net, and claims you can use their site to sell on E-Bay and stuff. So I tried the site. At first, it went well... for the first three shipments. But then the last two shipments things went awry. One shipment, according to the tracking number, was sent to Italy. The other shipment was never processed for shipping in the first place. Even though their site states 1-4 days handling, and 7-25 days for shipping, their customer support said my customers may have to wait up to 3 months! Their customer service has refused to even speak to me now, until that 3 months is up. After this, I found a few people who claimed they'd been ripped off with faulty products and missing shipments. Some of the review sites I found had 50/50 reviews for good and bad, but, some of the members of those sites suggest the newer members touting Everbuying.com were just employees of the company... so those review sites are inconclusive. As far as I'm concerned, any way. Now I'm wondering, is this site a total scam? Did I just get taken? Do they make a practice of ripping people off? Is there anyone else out there who has had any experience with this site and can offer any insight? Apparently, Everbuying.com is a sister company of Davismicro.com... and a couple others that I could never seem to find the actual names for. So if anyone could offer insight to either Everbuying.com or Davismicro.com, it would be appreciated. Thanks!