There are times when we just want to give up

November 25, 2010 3:05am CST
hi friends.. there were times in my life when I just want to give up because of the struggles that I face. Have you had this experience when you feel like you are already tired and at the point of giving up? Life sometimes is so hard to understand and I even try to question why like these things happen to me. huh. so difficult.
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25 Nov 10
I just recently graduated college and finding a job is the next step. Finding a job related to my course is kinda hard. Even as a trainee, still there's no room for me. I likely wanna give up on jobs related to my course. Life indeed is difficult.
• Philippines
25 Nov 10
uhuh. well, I guess its not only you but most of the new graduates experience that and as I have experience that before, I'd say that you can overcome that because you still have plenty of opportunities to come.
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
2 Dec 10
Indeed, there are many times in life which i really feel like giving up everything because i'm so tired. I'm tired of rushing everywhere for others, and doing things for others, making them happy, at the expense of my own interest. I'm sick of it. However once i managed to cool down, those thoughts will disappear from my mind. Somehow, it's a way for me to vent my frustration by saying i want to give up, when actually i will never do so.
• India
27 Nov 10
Hello my friend raynejasper Ji, I may give up, but my hubby may never give up, he may maximum postpon it for some time to solve and overcome all hurdles. He always wants to solve all problems. May God bless You and have a great time.
@yspmyl (3438)
• Malaysia
25 Nov 10
I had this experience before during my previous job, I have to work like more than 18 hours a day and have to attend so many meeting and follow up on this and that, the crazy boss always call for meeting at 7pm and then ask us to follow up something and normally it will end up we have to stay back till mid night. That was the most crazy job I had before and finally I gave up even I have not found another job. And I was jobless for a month.