Osmanlibux? Don't bother!

November 26, 2010 2:33pm CST
I tried out this site as I was told it paid out very low, straight to PayPal. This was true. Except it charged me 1 cent so I only received 4 of 5. And you can't withdraw more than 5. Also, I have now been unable to use my PayPal account for 2 weeks, since this payment, as Osmanlibux do not have an address on file and PayPal think its a fraudulent payment. Although I have over 30GBP in my account, I can't touch it because they are "investigating". Osmanlibux have not responded to the dispute or my emails. That's put a stop to my Christmas shopping! I really don't care about the 4 silly little cents. But I will never be using that site again!
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• Mexico
27 Nov 10
Oow, I hope that gets solved soon, it sounds terrible indeed! Perhaps not the cents like you said, but now the whole account is compromised and in such holidays when we all need some money, thanks for warning us tho, I will for sure avoid the site, still too bad that happened to you.
28 Nov 10
I phoned PayPal in the end and got it sorted, told them to just refund the silly 4 cents! So I have been able to continue with my shopping :)
• United States
6 Jan 11
When I found out it was one of those Bux host sites, I quit, and I'm so happy I did, it didn't even last three months.
@glenn4jd (127)
• India
11 Dec 10
osmanlibux is really a scam now. Yeah likewise, I will also stop using that site. I think the site is also not opening right now. It's gone SCAM...