life or death..?

Bangalore, India
December 2, 2010 11:09pm CST
"life is a question,nobody can answer it" "death is an answer,nobody can question it" there are a lot of special lines in which am admired of and in this line the secret of life lies,i have a lots of question in this line and i cannot get it what can i do ..?the specialty of things will have to carry me from the time where i am from and there is no end for death and birth so thus there is no question on both of these topics..can i know when people live they are happy what happens after death..?will they be happy there too..?
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• Mexico
3 Dec 10
Hi vishnumuthu: I think that's the biggest question a person can' answer but at the same time we should ask ourselves sometimes about this. Even if we don't have a definitive answer for these questions we can take a position and when we evaluate it time after time, this help us to be more mature and wise. ALVARO
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• Bangalore, India
4 Dec 10
ya that is right time has all the answers what we want and there are a lot that time teach every day,it is we want or not but they teach us..have fun..!