How to make fun using GOOGLE ?

December 5, 2010 3:09am CST
AS ever, Google is the worlds best search engine & my favorite too. I spend almost one-forth of my surfing time at Google. Recently i discovered some funny incidents at Google. I am now sharing them with you. here it is.. Type " britney spears is" in the search box.. Guess what you will find these suggestions for it... britney spears is -g-a-y- this is weird.. :) have you ever met with these sort of incidents? If so please share with me, i would be pleased to know.
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• India
5 Dec 10
Yeah Even i tried these option auto complete option. If you use it you will find there are so many funny things. For example, try Typing "How to" and you will receive top 10 suggestions like how to loose weight, how to impress girls etc. etc. I am not joking just try it. Ever wondered how does this suggestion works? Its actually based on what other people have searched maximum number of times.. So if try different combination, you will have fun..
• India
9 Dec 10
Yes you are right. That is what i am speaking about.... During my spare time i do this fun googling.. it really giggles me.. :)
• United States
6 Dec 10
I have not come accross anything like that before. It is sort of funny one must admit though.