scam or legit?

December 6, 2010 12:02pm CST
Is a scam or legit? I use this site alot and want to know whether or not it is legit!
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6 Dec 10
Try doing a Mylot search on the subject of Paybox. They are definitely a scam from what I can tell. They don't pay and they use personal information.
6 Dec 10
Yes, I will definetly search around for PayBox.
8 Dec 10
Thanks. Review looks good.
@Masihi (4228)
• Canada
6 Dec 10
I think they're legit because they're making progress in the site's development, but well, one can't be 100% sure. This is different from the other scam sites I been, where they only sit for a few months, with hardly any updates, then BANG! they're gone. Because this is unique, I think it'll be worth keeping an eye on.
6 Dec 10
Yes, I have noticed the development. They recently released a debit card design contest apprently they will have a debit card you can use on your PayBox account. Also,they had a paybox shop which recently closed for further beta testing.
• Philippines
7 Dec 10
About the response of mhlinux you can't blame the people who joins,humans have different opinions and mindsetting its their choice so you don't need to say that they are not thinking on what they are doing,what if they just want to try it and if that is not a legit they will stop using it.i actually join and im still observing it if they are legit if not im going to leave them,what's the bad about that?