Have you been in a commited relationship and one day it just ends without reason

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December 7, 2010 2:28am CST
I have friends who have been in a committed relationship for four, five years + and out of no where they just break up and run off to some other guy/girl and get married with knowing the other person for a few months. Why? Is it because they're sick of committing and they want to do something wild or it's just not to be. I honestly don't get why someone would do such a thing. This has happened to a few of my friends and they don't have a reason when you question them and some of them regret it. Any stories to share? I'm in a committed relationship of almost 4 years & he's the one I want to be with forever but who knows, what if he has second thoughts tomorrow? It's so strange to see how my friends were in my position and the next day- they're over in a flash!
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@lumenmom (1996)
• United States
7 Dec 10
Usually long before a person decides to leave a relationship there is something they are not satisfied with. The other partner may or may not be aware of it. The one who wants to leave may not know how to express that to the other person and they are uncomfortable confronting them because they don't want to hurt their feelings. Leaving can be a very hard thing to do and sometimes when something is hard to do the best way is to just do it. It will still hurt that other person but the one leaving does not have to deal with seeing their pain. One of my relatives had a husband who just got up and left on Mother's Day (of all days) a few years ago and he never looked back. Next thing we knew he was sending divorce papers and a couple of months later was remarried. This relative was shocked that he did this as well as other family members who did not see it coming)but she had to admit they had not been happy for a long time. She just hung in there because if the children. Now they are both happily committed in their seperate relationships so apprently it was the best thing he could have done.
• Philippines
7 Dec 10
hello infatuatedbby! i don't really believe that people who are in a relationship that long (3 to 5 years) would just break-up for no reason. There is always a reason behind for every action, we just don't acknowledge it or we just don't accept it as it is. People who had been in a relationship for long, seems to breakup for no reason but if we are to look closely we would find that the reasons had been mounting, adding up until they could no longer take it, thus from the outside it would seem a guy or girl just ran-off and break up for no reason. people who had been together for some time would now be familiar with each other and may find that the person they thought they knew and love is not the same person they're with now.
@sender621 (14956)
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7 Dec 10
I have been in a committed relationship with someone and have it end for no apparent reason. I would always take the blame and burden on myself. i would always think there was something i did or should have done to have made this happen. It may not have been anyone's fault. Sometimes we just drift apart and want different things. One day you are in a steady relationship and the next day you may be alone. There may be a reason and then again there may not.