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New Zealand
December 19, 2010 4:40pm CST
so my partner has been at a new job for a few months now and all seems to be going well for him and i am really pleased and happy. he has made a freind or two there and gets paid well for what he does. now i am person who thinks that i am average looking and i have major insecrities about this and about many other areas of my life. he and i have been together for a number of years now and have gone through some ups and downs over the years and i wuold like to think that this helps us to stay strong. now at this job he does there is a girl who he says reminds him in every way of me including her body, the only difference is she is about 11 years younger than me. he is having issues with me getting older and it is showing in my hair, i put that to stress! i have been in her company several times now and of those times to some degree i feel uncomfortable. he thinks she is quite okay to look at. she gets along with both the men and the women, she can hold her drink like there is no tomorrow when i am not much of a drinker. now he comes home to me at night. i am beginning to ask him some hard questions in regards to this woman. i am even starting to fell uncomfortable about him being at this job like i think he will do something he will regret. i dont think anyone at work knows about this. i dont know what she feels. on the weekend just gone we were at a work function, she was there we stayed for the whole night. now one of the people there bought me a drink and i had no idea what it was all i know is that it hit me for a six and it went staight to my head. and becasue he started saying some stuff i shuved him when i didnt mean to. everyone saw what happened, it was imbarrising. he keeps telling me i have nothing to worry about. so does everybody else, including my 18 year old son. who sees our interaction. sometimes he will rademly talk about her. i am told he wants my attention when he already gets it and he is winding me up, i dont know why he is doing this or how i should respond. or if i have anything to worry about when he leaves the house every morning. what do my lot users think about this.
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@bird123 (10527)
• United States
20 Dec 10
Isn't part of marriage TRUST??? So trust him. Communication is key in all relationships. Be sure to let him know exactly how you feel and why.
@buggles64 (2715)
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20 Dec 10
As long as he is coming home to you every night and you have a healthy relationship, then you have nothing to worry about. are at this work function too, right? I would only be concerned if I too wasn't able to tag along to those after work functions. I would trust him and belive what he is telling me.
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19 Dec 10
I think that you should not worry about this other woman, you are thye one that he comes home to, not her after all.What i would do is if he says that he is going for a drink and you think that she will be there, then you go and have a drink as well, less chance for things to happen then.I would tart yourself up and offer yourself to him on a plate as well.While you are out together be very loving towards him, as that way she will see that you are both really in love.If you feel insecure do all that you can to keep your man.