Nightwish - Who is the best, Tarja or Annette?

@didi13 (2927)
December 21, 2010 9:34am CST
I like some of Nightwish's stuff with Annette,like Amaranth,Candence of Her Last Breath...,but when i compare this songs with Tarja's music,such as Sadness in the Night,Whis i had an angel,Nemo...,Annette's songs just fall a bit short.Passion or not,...or who of them has most of which-i still prefer Tarja's product.Annette isn't a bad vocalist,but she doesn't reach up to the bar that Tarja had set.So....Who is the best,Tarja or Annette?
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• China
24 Dec 11
I prefer Tarja. I think Tarja's voice is more bold. Besides,wish I had an angel is a epic. I love it. Do you think so?
@polaris77 (2031)
• Bacau, Romania
21 Dec 10
Well,in my opinion Anette is a good singer,but she will never manage to replace Tarja in the hearts of most Nightwish fans simply because Tarja is unique,she's a wonderful singer and she's a model for many other female metal vocalists.Unfortunately,it's hard to believe that Tarja will ever sing with Nightwish again,but the first period in the history of the band,from 'Angels fall first' to 'Once',will remain the most glorious one in the history of this great band.So,definitely,Tarja is better simply because she's better than everybody else!