After 20 years

December 31, 2010 3:11am CST
I really wonder 20 years fro m now, will I be even in a position to run as i used to 20 years back? Gone are those good old days when a three point used to send chills,when the dribbling, dodging running,eights and circles round the waist made my fingers throb with excitement and harmony,, when the computer teacher's basket from behind the board used to send ripples of jealousy in me. I still remember the day when we had gone for the District Level. Those were men from the airforce. We hhad quite befriended them. My friends helped me a lot in learning tricks when they saw my passion in cricket and basketball alike. How I used to get up in the wee hours of the morning and paddled the whole lotof 7 km just to practise, come back to refresh and dress up for the same school back within an hour, how the coach used to feed us with bananas and boiled eggs to every participant,how supportive were they, my teammates. Now whenever I watch a basketball match in Television or otherwise I am reminded of the very captain who had taught me the tricks and who at the young age of 25 or so became a lieutanant and passed away youg, vibrant and responsible. A match, a picture of a basketball and memories galore...
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@derek_a (10902)
31 Dec 10
Well as somebody who is getting into his 60s, I would say that 20 years had made a vast difference. I am not nearly as energetic as I was when I was in my 40s and a lot of things I would choose to be doing back then, is not something that I would choose to be doing now. I can run but not quite so long as I used to. I can get tired more easily and will fall asleep during the evening. Yes, getting older is to be avoided if you you can! _Derek
• India
31 Dec 10
It's not about the age, it's about how quickly time flies and how some pictures, topics places and sometimes people help in restoring these memories...