Mayonnaise & Health

@RieRie (821)
November 18, 2006 5:51pm CST
In the UK and I think in America too (not sure), the government is saying don't eat fatty foods and salt etc. else you'll get obese and die young, but mayonnaise is very fattening and yet it's very difficult to find a sandwich with no mayo on it, I don't like mayo and I have actually found 2 sandwiches in about 2 years that didn't have any mayo in. Do you like mayo and do you think sandwiches should have none in, but sachets provided in case people want it?
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@nannacroc (4049)
18 Nov 06
I have the same problem, I don't like mayo either. Apparently it is very bad for you and full of calories. That's not why I don't eat it I just don't like it. Every personn I know who is on a diet has been advised not to use mayo but the shops still insist on using it. Maybe it's to disguise the fact that the filling is not as fresh as it should be.
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@dorypanda (1584)
19 Nov 06
Yes, I agree, I actually like mayonaise on things, but I don't want it to be forced on me, sometimes I don't want it, it would be much better if they put a sachet on the side instead, the other problem with mayonaise is that it contains raw egg, which is very bad for pregnant people and children.
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@pumpkinjam (5800)
• United Kingdom
19 Nov 06
Yes, that's silly. I think some of the shop sandwich use "low fat" mayonnaise but, to me, that's a bit pointless because surely then it's not actually mayonnaise. (and low fat mayonnaise is really horrible, I like full fat) It's similar with a lot of things. There is a lot of "you can't eat this and that because it's fattening" but if you look at the "diet" foods, they often contain just as much fat as normal things and they also tend to contain more sugar and additives. Basically, if you want to be healthy, eat sensibly. Make your own sandwiches! They're cheaper than shop ones anyway!
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