How well can we communicate?

January 8, 2011 1:55am CST
Just the other day, I happened to be attending a function where the Honorable State HRD Minister was supposed to be paying a visit. I happened to be thinking of a person while we waited. You won't believe the person did turn up which almost seemed like a coincidence and actually happened to be looking at me. On one other occasion, I happened to be telling something in my mind to someone when that someone actually did respond. The funny aspect of it was that I had literally inmind directed that person to sleep and lo and behold as if by some unknown instruction that person did appear to be feeling sleepy and actually slept. I feel the best communication is that type of communicationw which requires the least words. Words carry the least weightage of the meaning intended to be imparted. It is the non-verbal communication expressed through one's body language that actually does the magic. What do you think?
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@JohnMach (555)
• Philippines
8 Jan 11
I believe you're right. I think those that don't know much on how to speak a language are those that communicates better than those who are fluent of a certain language. They try their best to communicate that's why they do it with both words and actions where as those who are fluent with the language beat around the bush often times.
• India
8 Jan 11
I remember once I had been to a godman in India. The place was South and the temple was huge. The godman moved in front an beckoned one of the devotees seated in front. The man was so overwhelmed that he started telling, rather expressing his excitement in a way that struck abnormal. I was quite in tears for I could relate to him at that time.I could feel how much he wanted to express, how much he wanted to tell how thankful he was, but could not. Finally he found comfort in the godman's feet.
@celticeagle (119219)
• Boise, Idaho
9 Jan 11
I think initially this is true. When you first meat someone or are attracted to someone body language and intuitional feedback are very important. But when you actually come into contact verbal communication is all important in reasoning and knowledge fatters. Body language does tell you alot though.