windows language

@vamship (132)
January 15, 2011 7:38am CST
hello mylotters, i am learning c/c++ languages and i will learn jva language soon but none of my professors told that how the windows is created i.e by using which programming language i am very interested in programming applications now i am creating good applications with c language but how windows was made did anyone aware of that if so please reply soon....... happy mylotting
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15 Jan 11
The actual specifics is a closely guarded secret by Microsoft to what the OS is written in, but after looking around, the general consensus is that Windows is written in a combination of C/C++ and Assembly. The applications are coded in Visual C++, Visual Basic and Java, amongst others.
@vamship (132)
• India
16 Jan 11
how the aero themes and transperency in windows 7 made ?is they by visula c/c++ how far it can be correct it is very tough to even the bring the graphic user interface using c/c++.... anyway thanks for the response.... happy mylotting..........
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
19 Jan 11
hi, i only learned about the introduction of C++++ languages, but i think its really hard to learn this kind of language.
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
19 Jan 11
It's hard to tell acurately, Microsoft is very good holding their comercial secrets. But some things are true for sure, an operating system must be done in a low level language, so I guess it must be a combination of C and ASM for the bootup parts. If you look at the Win32 API reference, ALL examples are writen for C (NOT C++, the real and standard C), it may be a clue of what the programmers are used to use.