Why can't you accept your age?

January 18, 2011 9:16am CST
I have this friend who is older than me in every sense. He keep on calling me older sister though he's much, much older than me. Why do people pretend that they are young? Why are there people who cannot accept what their age actually is? Is it plain immaturity?
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@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
18 Jan 11
I wonder why I also can't accept my age. I can't believe I am now 31 years old. It was only 10 years ago when I was just 21 years old? Why so time ran so fast? Am getting old already? That's very frightening!
@marguicha (101852)
• Chile
18 Jan 11
I SO understand you . I have the same problem. Only yerterday I was 60 and now I´m 65. I wonder: am I getting old? It IS frightening!
@Lance26 (957)
• Philippines
18 Jan 11
Maybe that his is way of feeling younger or maybe just kidding you around. Another thing is he often use to the word for his girl friends (space in between) like some friend of mine do. If by calling so makes you annoy or something, better talk to him or he may think it's fine with you.
@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
18 Jan 11
Hi snow, People hiding their actual age is universal.In every culture, every community this tendency to hide the actual age is prevalent. Now the answer of the question 'why' they do so is quite complicated. If we try to simplify it could be the fear of getting old. Who is there who wants to be old None. But time passes off and it leaves its mark on every face or on everything. Youth is the brightest period. But we can not pull back the feet of the time and we are helpless. Therefore as compliment to the loss of our youth and the youthful look we tend to hide our age. Even if you could cut it off to three years or so it is better. And interestingly when people really become old and they too realize that they are no longer with the hue of youth they find solace in becoming older than others which equates to their being more knowledgeable and wiser. This is really strange.