intel or AMD processors?

@Zaphan (711)
January 20, 2011 1:54am CST
Which one will you choose to have????I don't know much about these two processors whats the difference with these companies when it regards to their product. Except their name.
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• India
20 Jan 11
If you like 2 play pc games ..then I recomand you to go frof AMD it gives good performance for pc games...otherwise intel is best
@Zaphan (711)
• Philippines
20 Jan 11
yeah I've heard of it. intel is more known and has a good reputation. I used core 2 duo before and it's good, now I use AMD for gaming and it's good too but little bit of slow. I only use sempron 2.7 single core.
@skr3wed (147)
• Vietnam
20 Jan 11
Well, Intel is with no doubt the most popular, I've never used a AMD Processor, and personally I think that the only AMD (I prefer the old name ATI) product im going to use is their graphics card. So if i were you, I'd just check the stats (ghz) and see which is cheaper and which one has a higher performance.
• United Kingdom
20 Jan 11
I think I like to stick to what I'm comfortable with and that is intel processors. I have heard that when you are into gaming that you should go for AMD processors but I'm not seriously into gaming anyway. Both intel and AMD are strong rivals and they are constantly competing against eachother. I think when you are happy with something why change. I'm in the process of building a computer and I will definitely be installing an intel processor inside. I suppose it's a matter of choice, I'm only happy that the thing is working and there are no serious troubleshooting issues!
@urbandekay (18312)
20 Jan 11
With over 15 years experience of dealing with desktops and laptops I would say that Intel chips are more reliable, leading to less crashes and loss of data. AMD have a reputation for gaming all the best urban
@mark98 (570)
• China
20 Jan 11
This is a problem on the choice of amd or intel.We know,amd's cpu production in the three-dimensional,gaming applications,vido processing,etc. Compared to the same level of intel processors have an advantage, and intel's cpu is in the business applications,multimedia appcations,graphic design has an advantage. In addition to uses,but also to take into account the cost of this comprehensive problem. This all according to the actual use of budget funds can demand their own choice to the most appropriate cpu.