How to help ourself if caught in the middle of desert like sahara

January 22, 2011 12:23am CST
Dear brothers what to do if we get stuck in the middle of desert like sahara .How to reach for someone or how to get basic necessity like water if we get finished off.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
28 Jan 11
hi, i dont think so what to do when i stuck in the middle of desert, my only wish is that there's a good man who can help me out of there.
@doggydimon (1372)
• Philippines
23 Jan 11
I am not quite familiar with this but you can watch the episodes of Man vs Wild in Discovery Channel.
@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
22 Jan 11
mukthar931, It will depend on how you actually got stranded in the dessert in the first place. If you are doing a vehicle sightseeing excursion, then what you do before the trip will be vital - like informing someone of your plans and to report you to the authorities when you do not return at a specific time. Then, you will need to be equipped and most of all attired properly for the trip. Having extra rations most of all water for sudden or unforeseen circumstances. For equipment, you may want to secure a satellite phone or Magellan and the latest map. And, for your survival kit you want to add items like a mirror, a knife i.e. Swiss army knife, flint striker, potassium permanganate crystals, Mini-Mag flashlight, whistle and tea leaves for making fire or crushed with a little to soothe sunburns. Also, you may want to have a photo of your love or children and/or a St. Francis prayer card to keep your spirit up. For yourself, you will need to be attired from the harsh elements of the dessert like a hat with a large brim, scarf to cover your neck and nose, clothes that can deflect sunlight from your skin like a long sleeve shirt and pants and proper footwear. Next you will need to know how to sustain yourself with sound survival tactics and knowledge of your environment. Knowledge like looking for a shade to rest in the day time and move (only if you have to) at night. No talking, keep your mouth closed at all times, and breathing through your nose, will make your water requirement for survival drop dramatically. One of the most important tactic is NOT to eat when your water supply is low because food requires water for digestion; therefore, eating food will use water that you need for cooling. Build a fire, keep it burning and most of smoky so that your rescue can spot you from miles away by air or land. Hope this will be of help.