@kanchan10 (1544)
Kolkata, India
January 22, 2011 2:04am CST
as you all know here that inflation in india has gone through roof.every thing specially foods and vegetables have become so pricey.expenditures have doubled in no time. how do you cope with this. who do you think are responsible.
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@dragon54u (31407)
• United States
22 Jan 11
We have inflation here in the U.S., too, but you wouldn't know it to look at the government figures. That's because they don't figure the prices of food and other goods into it--that way they can keep the numbers low and try to persuade us to spend more money. So yes, we have inflation here. I cope with it by cutting down on everything. Most of the meat I eat comes from my dad and stepmother. They always buy more than they need because they think they will eat it but they find themselves with too much. They send it home with me when I visit. They don't know it but the scraps they save for my dogs usually end up on my dinner plate! What they think is unacceptable is perfectly fine for me! I also try not to buy anything that's not on sale, a good sale. I recently discovered that a can of green beans gave me more beans at less cost than the frozen beans. It pays to compare prices. I've also quite drinking milk and rarely eat other dairy products, which have gone through the roof. My government complains that no one is spending money but we're all trying to save as much as we can because we don't know where prices are going, we just know they're going up with no end in sight. Especially now that oil has risen!
@kanchan10 (1544)
• Kolkata, India
28 Jan 11
in India inflation data doesn't show the ground reality.many of the day to day product are not featured in the index.the real picture is horrible.
@sabhari05 (263)
• India
2 May 11
Yes I found that Inflation in our country if growing due to various reasons are black money when the people does not pay their tax regularly there is a shortage for government and they rise the prices and the second reason is keeping the things in any of their places till their prices go up and I feel if our government does not take any huge decision then in 2025 the prices would be tripled.