Dory as Ellen Degeneres

January 27, 2011 8:54am CST
Funny as it may seem, but I just realized that Ellen Degeneres was the voice of Dory in the animated Film Finding Nemo. She did a great job on it. As in, her voice really fits the character of Dory. Quite amusing. I still remember her singing "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, swimming swimming.. " LOL
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• India
27 Jan 11
Ellen's voice was perfect...totally fits the character of Dory. You must watch one youtube video of Ellen and this kid. Check this out!
• Philippines
27 Jan 11
Mojoblogs , Hi! Thanks for sharing :) Yeah.. Her voices totally fits the character of Dory. :) thanks for the link. It was awesome :)
@Near2011 (155)
• United States
25 Jun 11
i never even knew that. I love Dory. She's funny
@lyamsitiy (104)
• Philippines
18 Apr 11
Wow, i didn't even know that it was ellen's voice till today. i think she did a great job on being the voice of Dory. She is my favorite character in the movie because she is funny. I don't even know what kind of fish Dory is. Every time i see a blue fish that looks like dory i call it dory.
@hlgmdt (301)
• Philippines
8 Feb 11
I didn't know that. I watched Finding Nemo and it's one of my favorite animated flicks. Plus, I love Ellen Degeneres. As a host, I find her really funny. I always watch her interviews with celebrities.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
27 Jan 11
Yes, she is awesome in that part indeed. I think she did a really good job!