So fess up who else has done it?

February 3, 2011 11:41am CST
What I want to know is who else has put the wrong fuel in their car? Unfortunately my partner managed to do this on Tuesday at the petrol station he put petrol instead of diesel but luckily enough realised his mistake before he started the engine. He went in to the shop at the petrol station and they rang the breakdown service but that was only after they put him through to the wrong one he told them he was with the AA and even had his membership card in his hand and they put him through to Tesco AA which was the wrong company after a lot of ffing and blinding on my partners part as he was stressed out by this time as they were refusing to come out saying there was nothing they could do as he wasn't a member he realised that it was the wrong AA. He did apologise to the person on the phone as it actually turned out to be another member of staff at fault as he put him through to the wrong company. When he did finally get sorted it cost £182 which we ended up having to borrow off my dad as they would not take cash and there was not enough in our bank to cover it(thank goodness for my dad)and of course he also had to pay for the petrol he put in there in the first place. The car engine had to have a through washout when the AA man was sorting the car he was telling my partner that they have about 400 calls out a day just for people putting the wrong fuel in the car. That was a very costly mistake and I don't think my partner will do it again in a hurry. Well the one thing I can say that life is never dull living with him. So have you ever put the wrong fuel in the car and did you notice before you drove off?
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@sacmom (14315)
• United States
12 Jul 12
No, thankfully I've never put the wrong fuel in my cars (knock on wood). I do worry that I might as both of my vehicles take different gasoline, but I check (and double check and even triple check LOL) that I hit the correct button on the pump before even putting the nozzle in the gas tank. Heck, I even check when I'm fueling up my tank, just to make sure! LOL I feel silly for checking so much, but I would really hate to make such a mistake. I'd rather check over and over all those times just to play it safe. Happy mylotting!
@beano777 (37)
• United States
3 Feb 11
you dont even understand how hard im laughing right now! haha ive done that so many times! the gas station down the road from me had pumpes that are backwards and instead of having 87 on the left and 93 on the right it has premium on the left and it messes me up every time!
@zralte (4186)
• India
3 Feb 11
I am laughing so hard..... Sounds like my husband and his best friend...though they seem to be good at remembering what fuel to put in the car, but NOT WHEN. I remember once they came to pick me up from Birmingham Airport with empty fuel. We had to stop right in the middle of M6!!! Happened quite a lot with them, I've heard. Here I was, 12 hours in the airplane, tired beyond belief, and we ran out of fuel!!! AND they want to go straight to Star City to watch a movie!!! Boys will be boys.