Banks testing out on fees apply on checking account

United States
February 20, 2011 11:41am CST
So, banks have to make up their revenue from this new move, to charge people with fees on every checking account. It is how they respond to the new Federal Law of how much they can charge transaction on people who used debit cards to purchase. JP Morgan and Chase would charge $3 to $5 on new checking account, and that will be effective next month or so. If people need electronic assistance from the tellers, they will be charge $8 to $15 of fee too. Also, Bank of America would also test this fee - charging strategy at their branches. $3 fee on every checking account, unless you meet some of their required criteria, or they would consider waived this fees entirely. So, what do you think, do you think that is fair to us, who deposit money into their banks, and in return, they charge us money for it? That is not right.
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@KrauseHome (35514)
• United States
1 Mar 11
Personally it is not fair. They bailed out the Banks etc. to help them so many could stay open, and now the Credit card companies and the Banks continue to raise the rates, etc. making you wonder how when we the Taxpayers are paying what the government loaned them in the first place. Honestly quit taxing the small person, and get back the companies who cannot manage things, and the people in charge. Obama needs to put a Stop to this nonsense fees before less people quit using Banks all together.