Should I resign or not?

February 22, 2011 12:11pm CST
I am working mother/wife. I work in an electronics company for ten years now. I met my husband in the same company wherein he's the production technician on the line i'm handling. I am a production line leader handling 13 operators doing the assembling of electronic parts. We got married after 2 months relationship and had our child who is now 7 years old. He decided to work abroad since our company gives lower salary and it can't satisfy our needs. After a year working overseas, me and my daughter have a comfortable living where we can buy anything we want whether necessary or not. When he came home for vacation, he wanted me to give up my job since the salary i got can't help anymore.As a matter of fact it is just a cent compare to his. I asked him to give me a year to think of resigning because I haven't been unemployed even a day. After my graduation, I had this job.This is my first job and had been dedicated to it.And now,it's time for me to decide(it's already a year passed). Should I resign or not?
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• United States
23 Feb 11
I would say for you to consider and weigh both options as your husband would like you to and of course you would want to continue with your happy home. However, are you ready to be strictly a stay at home mom and is his job secure where as if something goes wrong will you have something to fall back on. If you decide to leave, make sure you leave on good terms because you just never know when and if you have to look back. Best of luck to you.
@vasugi (144)
• India
22 Feb 11
Hi, I would suggest compare your personal and professional priorities, then decide if you really have to work. I have 2 siblings I suggest the same to them cuz having kids and working same time can get a lil tough. Cheers :-)