Increasing role of women in Islamic countries

@singuri (571)
February 23, 2011 5:39am CST
Now a days, every where in the world, the role of women in every sphere of life cannot be eluded. Previously in Islamic and undeveloped countries, the role of women is limited.In Egypt revolt more than one third of protestants are women and in the ongoing Libya, Bahrain upsurge, the role of women cannot be discounted.Gadafi uses virgin bodyguards who are trained to fight when ever required. This shows even in Islamic countries, women are a major force. What do you say?
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• India
23 Feb 11
Yes of course, this was never disputed, only women did not get enough opportunity to show their talents and strengths. However, with the internet more and more women are getting to know about the achievements of their sisters in other parts of the world and trying to emulate those standards. Even in Islamic countries, the internet has ensured that women have a voice, a presence. Women now feel more emboldened to come out in the streets and participate in protests...also, the revolution in the Islamic world in mainly orchestrated by the youth and internet, these youth believe more in equality of the genders and hence they too encourage more and more women to participate.