For how much time can you study continuously without taking rest?

@nzalheart (2352)
February 23, 2011 9:39pm CST
Hi all, I hope almost everyone of the mylotters have the studying experience at school, college or any other institutions. To be frank, being a student, I student mostly at the edge of examination only, i.e few days before exam. And still, when I try to study, it feels like to take rest immediately after half hour or even less. Only sometimes I go upto one hour. But that doesn't mean I leave the book. Then would have the book with me but my mind with other lol...Sometimes, its even hard to be fully concentrated even for 10 mins. Even though I may have book in my hand for the whole day during exams, The time I would have really studied would be only 3 hours I think... So, what's your story??? Thanks in advance for your response...
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@Canellita (12058)
• United States
19 Sep 12
No matter what I am working at, I know I need to get up and move around periodically so I like to take regular breaks, though I don't really time them. I also like to give my brain a break too.
@sais06 (1288)
• Philippines
5 Mar 11
Hi nzalheart! I usually take an average of one hour for each subject that I study and then take a break between those subjects. So if I have 3 exams to take then that's 3 hours of study. The longest time I remembered so far is 5 hours and that's 5 subjects as well. Sometimes I go beyond one hour or below that time, it just depends how difficult the subject was and also to my concentration.
@dheckerz (473)
• Philippines
5 Mar 11
As far as I can remember, I've studied 4 hours straight without a break but after that I felt dizzy. Sometimes when you get too serious or to concentrated,especially when you are memorizing for you exam, you tend not to notice the time.
• China
24 Feb 11
I used to spend more than eight hours learning the English language each day, and that lasted for half a year. Now, I still study at least five hours a day. But when I was a shcoolboy, I was not so fond of studying, for those courses were so boring, and we had to learn something we did not like and totally useless.
@Liliac26 (558)
• Romania
24 Feb 11
I take a lot of breaks when I study. I think the breaks take more time than the actual studying :D. But, although I overdo it, it's actually recommended to stop and have a rest from time to time. You'll actually remember more of the material if you do that. Just be moderate about it :).
@ebar86 (2)
• India
24 Feb 11
my professional mbbs is just around corner, hook or crook, i need to focus, now spending about 5-6 hours everyday on seat,,haha but without pressure, im only able to sit properly on chair for about half an hour :)