When should our children learn English?

February 24, 2011 9:31pm CST
When should our children learn English, since can speak or since entering Play Group? Some say that teaching English to children in Indonesia is carried out from birth. At least since the child can talk. This makes it easier to learn just as easily they learn the mother language (for children who speak Indonesian and local languages). There is also a reckon, it's better to teach upon entering Play Group. At this stage the child is considered easier to learn because it can be adjusted while playing by his teachers at the Play Group. What do you think?
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• Philippines
7 Aug 12
Children are easy to learn because their memory is in good condition unlike adults. They can memorize things easily. Learning English at an early age is good so that they will be used to it. Speaking English when they are young will help them to communicate to foreign people as well. Some children don't want to talk to foreigners because they aren't confident enough. They are afraid to talk so that will cause a gap between them and their foreign classmates if they have some. It's good if you can enrol your child in playgroup. Playing will motivate the children to attend everyday and that's one of the best way to learn English. They should be motivated first.
• Indonesia
7 Aug 12
I think it is good to teach children about the children learning English as a new child into the Play Group. There I piki children will be easier to learn English, because in addition to the child has a high memory, the child also has a strong memory in contrast to older people. And I think it was better with others.
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
13 Mar 11
Starting from the basic intention when we began to learn then the closest or who first thought of, should we try in English
• Indonesia
26 Feb 11
Every language has many components, including: vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Indonesian differ from English not only in vocabulary but also grammar, and culture. If the teaching purpose only introduces the vocabulary alone, it can be done since the playgroup. But if the goal is for children adept swapped with the good / intellect, research that I've read say that when good teaching is the mother tongue of the child have been interpreted / roots with well-established, ie at around the age of 10 years. At the age of 10 years, children can begin to be introduced to foreign languages well, with a more complete language components. Another case when the purpose is for children only fluent in English (and not fluent in Indonesian), then the child should always be invited to talk only with English since birth. But sorry for all if he can not communicate well with people of Indonesia. Others again if we do not care if our children correct English. If you do not mind the typical english singapore which covered such as, "The car so big, I like" or other phrases that actually 'not an elite' because it is clearly covered, then it is up only when the child will be introduced to foreign languages. Language skills is the ability of the left brain (one part with the brain science and math), and all children learn in a positive atmosphere (always cheerful with no mental block), children who begin learning at age 10 can fluently speak a foreign language very well (the intellect and elite) even better than children who are introduced to the language covered in since childhood. The need to wait until the child's native language have been established before allowed for the foreign language is mainly due to Indonesian grammar is very different to English grammar, and thus also its culture. But if the Indonesian with Java language, or Indonesian with Minang language (which wear-Describe and explain the concept of culture that is almost the same), acquaintance with the local languages rather the introduction of vocabulary words, so teach it since the baby will not cause problems whatever.
@maehan (1445)
• United States
25 Feb 11
Well, once they know their mother, kids pick up pretty fast.... no worry. If you are kids are at pre-school... this site is pretty good. www.starfall.com which able to help kids to pronounce correctly and learn in a fun way.
@youless (93502)
• Guangzhou, China
25 Feb 11
English also plays a main role here. Learning a foreign language is better to be sooner than later. Although it seems it is a bit ridiculous, but it is easy for a child to learn a language when he/she is little. I wish the time could go back by itself, and I would teach my child to learn English earlier. I love China