Culture shock!

@Lore2009 (7388)
United States
February 26, 2011 5:11pm CST
"Culture shock- a condition of disorientation affecting someone who is suddenly exposed to an unfamiliar culture or way of life or set of attitudes" When did you experience culture shock? Have you experienced it inside your own country before? How did you deal with it after it happened?
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• Calgary, Alberta
27 Feb 11
There is a certain region in my country where people have an attitude that I can't stand. There is no single person from that region I can get along with. By far in my lifetime time I never met a person from that region than I can get along with. I found them hypocritical and uber religious. I just don't feel chemistry with those people I can handle living with them but I cant relate with them. It's kind of ironic if I get along with foreigners much better than people from that city.
@celticeagle (120476)
• Boise, Idaho
27 Feb 11
When my granddaughter used to bring her friends around and the way they talked and all it was culture shock to some degree. The normal culture of my day has changed alot. It is strange, fast paced and so different from when I was their age. The millenium came along quickly and didn't seen to have the amount of changes that I have noticed afterward.