What game system should I get?

@mode09 (158)
United States
March 6, 2011 10:15am CST
So I have a Wii, but quite frankly most of the games on it are lame. There are a couple of gems but for the most part it's all geared for little kids or it's watered down because of the graphics capability. Every time I see a new game trailer for something I may be interested in, it's usually only for Xbox or PS3. So now I am considering a new game console. What is the better console of the Xbox or PS3? I already have a blue ray player so I am not necessarily looking for PS3 because of that feature. I also heard a couple years back that Xboxes would fail after a short period because of a hardware malfunction- Has this been addressed and fixed in newer models? Are there any new consoles coming out later this year that would make a console purchase not worth the effort? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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• Philippines
11 Jun 11
I agree with the other poster about it depending on your preference. It all depends on the games you like to play. I used to own the older generation consoles: GameCube, Xbox, and PS2. Had the most fun playing with family with the GC. Had the most games for my most played PS2; and since I don't play online, only played 2 or 3 games on Xbox until I eventually got fed up with it and sold it without finishing any game. I bought the Wii to get my family hooked to gaming again, but I do most of my gaming on the PS3. My previous experience tells me that I'd rather have the PS3 than the Xbox since I can find games I'd like to play there. I don't find the exclusive Xbox games that compelling. With PS3 you get God of War 3, inFamous, Killzone, Little Big Planet, Uncharted, etc. Again, it all comes down your personal preference. Hope that helped. Or maybe you've already bought a shiny new machine?
• Canada
16 May 11
I would go with the xbox360 as it is worth the extra money for live to protect your security the PSN (playstation network) recently went down due to a security breach and now everyone has to change their information. Also the hardware malfunction has been fixed in the newer xbox360s so it would be a better choice from my perspective
@rad140 (52)
• Canada
27 Apr 11
The Wii successor will be announced at E3 in June, but Sony and Microsoft don't plan to release a new console until 2014. Between the Xbox and PS3, it pretty much comes down to personal preference. The PS3 has more power and is more future-proof (and some may say, more features), but the Xbox has the better online multiplayer. Both are about the same price and both have great exclusives so unless there is one series on one you can't live without, that's not a huge deciding factor either. From what I've heard, the fail rate/RROD has been pretty much fixed on the new Xbox's (the black revision) and mostly on the latest older models. It's only going to be an issue if you buy an older used model- be especially careful of release models as they have the highest failrate. I would say do some more research on both and especially take a look at the games each system offers and try to decide from there- good luck!
• United States
28 Mar 11
Get a xbox 360 because it has most of shooter games on it. The PS3 has the graphics but it is not that great socially in multiplayer. Xbox 360 has more multiplayer games compared to the PS3. I think the wii is only for kids because nintendo was meant for kids while the xbox and ps3 is for adults. I am waiting for next generation playstation which is the next psp coming out. Its touch screen and has a camera, it is so advanced it even has 3g so I am waiting for that. Maybe you should wait for that unless you need a game console immediately.
• United States
6 Mar 11
If your choosing between the PS3 an the XBOX 360, go with the PS3. It's more expensive to buy at first but in the long run it is cheaper then the XBOX 360 especially playing online.
@bobbajob (80)
6 Mar 11
Well i myself have an Xbox and i absolutely love it, the games are great and the community. However i'm sure the PS3 is great to, PS3's are alot more expensive then Xbox due to coming with a blue ray player, a key selling point for a PS3. But in your case the blue ray would be totally useless. The hardware problem seems to fixed know on the 360. In your position i would by a 360, great limited games and is alot cheaper.