I made him feel guilty...

@toniganzon (53706)
March 8, 2011 5:24am CST
My best friend lives far away from me and the only thing that used to bind us together is our Blackberry messenger. When we don't chat there we would post in our profile what the other one is doing to let each other know of our affairs. If he's sleeping i would know, if i'm busy he would know, when i'm shopping he would know and when there's trouble i would know. Two weeks ago he told me that he was planning to change his phone since his wife wanted to have his BB and at that time i tried to convince him to get another BB but a better model. He told me he's tired of using BB and that BB never changes anything at all with their phones. Last week, he got a samsung galaxy s but until now he doesn't seem to know how to use it effectively. We can chat now only through gtalk and it's a little bit strange because we can't send cute emoticons similar to that in BB and we can't have fun at all making faces at each other. We can't send voice notes using our phones and we can't send funny pics anymore. So today he told me that he missed messing up with me using the phone and I told him that it's because his phone is stupid. Then he said good bye to me and i told him that i'm used to not talking to him anymore the way we used to and he said it's his fault. I sensed his guilt so i told him that i'm not saying anything at all, but he said i don't have to. I really miss talking to him for hours in our BBM but i think that won't possible anymore, unless he would return his new phone and get another BB instead (which i'm praying he would do!)
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• Philippines
12 Mar 11
I don't think you made him feel guilty. It's just that he was already guilty and you just made him realize that. Your story is quite sad. I had a best friend too and we haven't talked for a long time now because he always seem too change phone numbers. Anyway, even after all these years that w haven't spoken to each other, we are still in good terms and if we see each other by any chance I hope that you would still have the chance to talk to your friend even after all the changes that had trranspired between you too. Friendship should always be there no matter what the circumstances maybe. we still get to embrace each other and feel like we haven't lost contact at all.
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
26 Mar 11
Hi. toniganzon. I think that you two should have some space anyway being that he is married to his wife. Your phone conversations may not always be on schedule being that he has a life of his own that is dedicated to someone else that is mutual. This is just my opinion, I am not trying to be rude at all.
@Rite17 (773)
• United Kingdom
8 Mar 11
How come you don't have any power...? Is it all to do with him having to make the moves or something else..? It does sound more complex than you are making it out to be. I do hope that it can be resolved cos losing a friendship can be hard... I found that out when my Ex BF said he was over me but as soon as I got with my then BF, now fiance, he was texting and rining me all ours of the night saying he was still in love with me and shouldn't have let me go and such. but it was hurting me and our friendship. So to end the hurt and to save him from never being able to move on. I ended the friendship over the phone... As I was on my way to see my (BF) Fiance. I cried down the phone and he did also. but he wished me the best and always wanted to be there for the wedding and see me in the dress.. Which would have been awquard at any time really! Wished I had kept his email addy so at least could send him a picture of me in my wedding dress and just say one thing. 'Wishing you love and happiness in your life... shame that you made it hard for me to have you in mine..... xx'
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8 Mar 11
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8 Mar 11
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