resume length: one page versus two pages

@miketagz (7494)
March 14, 2011 5:31pm CST
Many of us are college graduates, all job fairs will be offering jobs in local area or worldwide, especially at internet like JobsDB or Jobstreet. So the question for MyLotters is, How resume length is preferred? What could be the difference? Are those methods both qualified for their job?
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• India
23 Apr 11
Resume length depend on how much information you would like to give and the specification of the job requirements you applied for. This link will help you.
@allen0187 (33876)
• Philippines
27 Mar 11
a couple of years ago, hr specialists and managers would say to stick to a one page resume. nowadays, most would not mind seeing a two page resume. i think what is more important is using correct or appropriate words in your resume that would seem to make you a match for the position you are applying for. remember, hr specialists won't read your resume the first time they get their hands on it. rather, they will scan it, most probably jump on the qualifications/previous work experiences to see if you are a viable candidate for the post or your resume is headed for the shredder/waste basket. anyway, just be concise and make sure you put emphasis on why you are the best candidate for the position. the resume is actually your gateway to the interview. it is your first step to get the job but not the end all for the interview process. don't go to three pages though, that's taking it to far in my opinion.
• Philippines
15 Mar 11
the resume length depends on how much information you would like to give and the specifications of the job requirements you applied for. like avatar is an image representation of ourselves, i guess we can say that a resume is a text represenation of us too. sometimes, job postings would give specifications on how long your resume should be and requirements to secure the position. it's a must that we follow that because it says a lot if we pay attention to what they need. if they are looking for experience in a certain area of specialty, it is best to highlight those in your resume. the more, the better. it gives impression that you are qualified for the position. sometimes, companies do not have time to read several pages in a resume so better have the most important information and your best selling point on the front page. it's like putting your best foot forward right on the first page of your resume. and then put the details on the second and succeeding pages, like a supporting document or attachment.
15 Mar 11
I've been a recruitment staff for 5 years and the least that I want to do is to read a 3-5 pages long resume. I would rather have a 1 page (2 would be ok) that contains all the vital information like education, work experience and training. I would want to have longer discussion about it than just read it.
• United States
14 Mar 11
As an executive for so long I would generally recommend that one page is more then enough because you want to have enough to talk about during the interview. If you must definitely no longer then two pages, but not too much description or the interview till either never take place and or very short in length.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
14 Mar 11
When I was made redundant from my job we all had to do a course on how to do cope with it, in the course we were taught how to do resumes and at that point it was 2 pages verses 5 ...we were told a short resume was the best as the people sorting through all the resumes don't really read all the long ones so best to do a short one selling yourself the best you can and we were even told if you do more than one page do not staple the pages together as it makes it easier if they want to copy your resume,....good luck...
• Philippines
14 Mar 11
Resume I guess describes the applicant himself on his own written way. As for job, I guess It would be more better if we submit more pleasing content than the quantity of page. I would prefer submitting 2 page or more in accordance with my capacity of the job.. ^_^