Computer Brands People Use and Why

United States
March 15, 2011 6:41pm CST
My laptop and desktop are both Dell brand. I like Dell because I have always received great customer service on the phone and if I ever had a problem they always were quick to fix it like when my original laptop was having issues after I owned it for two years. Also, when I ordered my new desktop I was told it would arrive in 30 days. A week after that I got an email saying it was already shipped and would come two weeks before the ETA. And then it showed up anyway two days early from that date. The computers themselves are attractive and they offer customizable brands and components on the website for you to build your perfect computer. I hear that alot of people like HP but they are supposedly overpriced. So I checked it out. I went to HP's website and Dell's website and compared computers of the same grade with the same hard drives, memory, etc. And HP was a litte more expensive. When I was a teenager we always had Compaq brand computers which were a budget type of computer but they did last forever. Now that I can afford something better I go with Dell and I don't look back! I love my Dell. =) What do you guys use or prefer?
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