comparing laptop to netbook, based on quality or performance

@miketagz (1068)
March 15, 2011 7:49pm CST
The modern life is now using computers, and many of them are planning to buy laptop or netbook, I think its the same concept but the features would be different. Few are undecided to choose which is more better, and how can we pick the right one? Is there any basis?
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@Theresaaiza (9677)
• Australia
16 Mar 11
Netbooks are cheaper and smaller, with smaller keypads, smaller screens and although they are very portable, the size of the keys just don't suit me. I am okay with my 16 inch laptop because I really had no choice when somebody bought it for me. It is gigantic! lol but it functions like a complete desktop computer except that I could carry it anywhere. I didn't know that netbooks didn't have DVDs so if that is the case then that's really a minus
• Australia
18 Mar 11
I have a desktop I barely use except for my brother to play computer games in. I hate using my laptop for games because being a very compact computer, it is very fragile. At least with desktop, you can always replace the parts like the keyboard for example at a lower cost. Opening a laptop to replace damaged keyboards is just too risky. Aside from that, laptop does not hold that much memory for unnecessary files.
• Australia
21 Mar 11
Yes that is right! The only thing about desktop is that you cant carry them around without looking insane!
@axlrate7 (1366)
• Philippines
25 Mar 11
There are some disadvantages and advantages of netbook to laptop. One thing is netbook is much more lighter than a 2kg widescreen laptop, it can give a user to take it with a good feeling that it just like you are only holding some gadget. One thing about advantage was it's speed, it actually competitive with the regular laptop. The advantages of netbook was only its size, compare to laptop... It's hard for me to look in some text because of its mini size. Some application can't run properly because of the small resolution.
• United States
16 Mar 11
Then needs very from person to the next, depending on what you plan to use it with is how you decide. For one netbooks do not have dve or cd features at all. Also to consider is the key positioning and the size of the screen.