Bread contaminated with E. Coli, Yuck...

@miketagz (7496)
March 16, 2011 7:58pm CST
Every morning, all of us are prepared to ate breakfast. They prefer to eat any kinds of dishes with rice but some of them are dependent in bread. It's so delicious when you put some fillings on it or dipped into hot coffee. In said local mini-store, they sell hundreds of breads for mornings at 5:30am until 8:30am only, but this man has complaints, he knows all of their doings in making bread on the kitchen, and look there's a lot of cockroaches crawling everywhere, then a drum filled with water looks unclean and still they used it for shaping its flour. And if done, will put it on the big oven to cooked and wait for 15-20 minutes. Now, ready to sell those yucky breads to customers. One of the personnel staff on reality show went to buy a bread and will examine to the nearest laboratory and perform some tests if its safe to eat, and the result is positive to E. Coli. The only thing is they didn't realize those breads is not good for health and it may cause diarrhea and if untreated will cause severe viral infections typically known as dehydration. The Sanitation Team is headed to Local Mini-store and start to inspect their kitchen. Oh No, its very messy inside, that man was right. Many of cockroaches are spreading, even cats and dogs are staying also. Its not recommended to proceed their operation because they didn't follow the sanitation standards even they had with business permit. The local authorities said to close their store temporary and fix the whole kitchen so that they could start again to sell breads. To those who buy a bread, pick a right store for you. To those who plan or start a business in selling bread, make sure its clean and guarantee safe to customers.
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@Cherish14 (2695)
• Philippines
17 Mar 11
hi there. oh dear! this is very harmful especially to children and people who can't afford to be brought to the hospital, they can be severely dehydrated from being infected by this and some don't recover and some just end up dying there should always be proper sanitation. it is food that they are selling. they too eat from what they sell and making. there are also a lot of restaurants reported to be unhygienic and has very dirty kitchen in the city. i hope the authorities check all the stores that sell food regularly.
• India
17 Mar 11
yes u are telling is right i know everything about this bakeries they never think like that if some one eats this food they are die but they never think like that if the bread was covered with yoghurt or anything they sell like that only just put in the cover sell like that, if we ask i will give a fresh one u never eat still it was stored in your house two days or three days i became like that, some one telling like that,so what we do for these people what we do now we close all the stores permanently but not temperorly why because if we closed in temparary manner what they do they again start the same situation a little bit is not changed in their hearts. They will do again like that what we do is the main thing cancel all of their licence permanently at that time they got some illness, because they lost the license and everything permanently.
@cream97 (29168)
• United States
17 Mar 11
Hi. miketagz. Just hearing about things like this makes me not want to eat at another restaurant ever again! Just to think about how clean it really is, can be quite scary and mysterious. The menus looks so enticing as we come to the diner, but we don't know what secrets are being kept hidden into the dark either. They should have sanitation checks periodically to make sure that the workers are up to code and that they are keeping the diner cleaned from the inside and from the out. They also should check to make sure that the workers are clean too. Having hidden cameras and a monitor would combat so much of this filthiness that is taking place at these restaurants!