We need our faith to God, Seriously

@miketagz (7496)
March 17, 2011 12:12am CST
This time we need to reunite, to serve our Lord God for the whole world, but no one is listening, because everyone has its own personal life. Every cities have different countries, Many of them are suffering, Battles of wars became doomed Struggles of disasters were destroyed Pollution is destruction Mining is also destruction Cutting tree's is same as destruction Everything will be destroyed Humans didn't unaware What future lies ahead Innocents are also affected If the world is gone. Time is running out We must prove now to God To Help each other's nation So Earth still be alive. This quote is originated by Me. It describes as our current situation in Global Crisis. We must act Clean and Green, Planting more trees is necessary. Prevent to spread Air Pollution. Global cooperation is a must. Its our choice if we want Earth.
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