the crazy love in Beloved by Toni Morrison

March 21, 2011 10:45pm CST
Have you ever read Beloved written by Toni Morrison??? Sethe, the mother, who was scared of the taking-away of her children, tried to kill her all children when the schoolteacher came. So can you image that kill her own child???
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@rasshion (47)
• United States
25 Mar 11
I didn't read the book, I saw the movie and It freaked me out a little bit. I couldn't believe that she would go so far as to kill her children! I watched the movie several times, just trying to make sense of it and wrap my head around what was going on. I always planned to read the book to compare it to the movie but I haven't been able to get a copy of it yet. But you should see the movie, if you haven't already. It's really something.
• China
28 Mar 11
Hi, rasshion. I have read the book , but failed to watch the movie for its gothic atmosphere which frightened me a lot. however, I have so many questions in the book that I can't understand it at all. Is Beloved Sethe's real daughter who was killed by Sethe??? Why Beloved disappeared in th end??? And she is pregnant??? Paul D's child??? what's symbol of this???
• United States
28 Mar 11
I think Beloved was the like the spirit of Sethe's daughter that had been haunting them. She wanted to know her mother but was angry because she killed her. When Denver told the lady she worked with what was going on, a bunch of the people in town came to the house and performed something like an exorcism and got rid of her. And she was pregnant by Paul D, although I have no idea what that would have led to. The movie may be easier to take since you read the book first. I didn't know what to expect going in. I had to watch it more than once, and I still haven't figured everything out. The movie is kind of long but It's good once you get past the weird stuff. It follows the book pretty closely, I've heard, but I'm sure some parts are cut out. If you get the chance, you should see it.