Spring and People in my hometown

March 22, 2011 3:19am CST
Spring in my hometown is quite beautiful,for there are all kinds of wild flowers everywhere,offering people not only pretty sight but happy feelings.When the warm sun set down in the west ,villagers have their supper outside their house ,talking about affairs.People in my hometown seem not like to have dinner in their room,but enjoy talking together outside.The topic includs all that have happened over the world .The will even talk about what Obama is doing ,though it is none of their business.They are just peasants in a small town ,like the wild flowers in the grass. That's my hometown ,full of happiness .What about yours?
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@sweet_pea (3326)
• Philippines
10 Jun 11
Wow it is so nice of your people to get together and catch up on things. People knows everyone in my hometown too. I would be amazed that they still know me even if I don't often go home anymore. I would walk on the street and somebody would call my name and greet me. I just reply back and smile even though I don't know their names. I love spring. Unfortunately we don't have that one in my country. There are only two seasons in my country: rainy season and summer. I love spring because I see nature at its best. The chirping of the birds is just music to the ear. The blooming flowers are just a sight to behold.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
26 Apr 11
Hi. qianlizhifeng. The people that live here in my hometown are just about the same way. When it is hot, many people sit on their porches with many of their family members and friends. They also, get out their grill and they start to cook meats and vegetables for cook outs. They dance and sing when the music comes on too. I love to see the pretty flowers that are around this neighborhood has too. I also love looking at the pretty flowers that downtown has planed for everyone as well.