Drinking alcohol while pregnant.

United States
April 10, 2011 12:52am CST
I was reading an article on another site where some women were saying how they think drinking wine during their pregnancy is okay. Some women were opposed to the idea. I was upset at how many women think this is just fine to do. I would never drink or smoke or even jump too hard for fear of hurting my baby somehow. I have very strong opinions of this highly controversial topic. Alcohol is alcohol is alcohol. It doesn't matter if it's in the form of beer, or vodka, or rum, or even wine. It's still alcohol and it is absolutely not healthy for a fetus no matter how much or how less of it you consume. Alcohol has been proven to cause many birth defects or interfere with the development and health of a baby. Some say it's only a "significant" risk... it's still a risk. How can some women even risk their child like that. I get disgusted whenever I see women drink or smoke while pregnant. They can't stop sucking a burning stick for a few months for the sake of their baby. I think it's selfish. Where do your priorities lie when you put yourself first and your child in harm's way? It's like saying it's okay to smoke crack only a few times while pregnant and it won't pose a significant risk to fetus. Just smoke enough crack to satisfy your urge but not enough to kill the baby. Yeah right. It's still a harmful substance. And I don't even want to hear how some doctors recommend drinking wine while pregnant. That is a crock. Any respectable doctor is not going to tell you to drink alcohol. That's encouraging borderline dangerous behavior for the fetus. They could get a lawsuit for malpractice on their hands.
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@savypat (20247)
• United States
10 Apr 11
A baby coming into the world today must cope with the constance presents of polution. His Mother already carries a large amount of pesticides in her body and the very air is full of them. I would never knowingly contribute to anything that could harm my baby.
• United States
10 Apr 11
I'm glad that the women on this site seem to have more sense than the women on that other site.
@whengcat (1458)
• Philippines
10 Apr 11
Some people can really be so selfish sometimes. They don't care about the precious life inside their womb. I had a friend before, she's a nurse. She got pregnant by her boyfriend but they had a complicated relationship. So, whenever they had arguments, she would drink and smoke. Whenever she's depressed she'd be like that and I don't think if she's thinking of her baby.
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