United States
April 10, 2011 1:12pm CST
By far I dropped my digital camera. The first thing that popped in my head when I heard the clunk was oh man I think I just broke it and I be sure thats exactly what happened. When I went to cut it on and it didnt work I thought no problem your batteries could just be dead then I changed them to fresh batteries and my camera still didn't come on. My heart sunk. My camera died. I felt sad because me and my camera are really close I use it for personal and business matters. I tried not to feel so down about it and looked at it on the good side. Maybe that was my sign to upgrade my camera for my work so it will look more professional than it does now. I know that cameras aren't cheap but when I get a new camera I really want it to be better than my last which is 12megapixels. Does anyone know where I can shop around for a new camera for a good price at?
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@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
16 Apr 11
Be Careful about the Mega pixel trap. More MP don't make it a better camera. Look at the sensor and the processor these are the guts of the camera. A mega pixel is one million pixels. A pixes is a point on the sensor that records a specific color. When you increase the number of pixels each pixel gets smaller. If you have a low cost sensor and processor you will get poorer photos. Your processor effects the time between when you press the shutter and when the picture is recorded. It also effects clarity of the pixels and the sharpness of the photo. the more pixels do not make it a better camera. In fact some camera companies ar reducing the number of pixels in higher end cameras. A good place to check out cameras and get an honest evaluation is
@ajk111 (2527)
10 Apr 11
Not sure what the best way would be. but i hope you get a replacement soon. i do photography and i know how bad i would feel if anything happened to my camera. Good luck!
@zralte (4186)
• India
10 Apr 11
Hi DanaS, I would say the best way to search for the best and cheapest would be by doing research on the internet. Start on the myLot search, and well, visit as many webshop as you can. Go to compare sites where in you can compare the functions and the price of different cameras. Try eBay to see if there is any bargain to be had. Good Luck.