what you think about to call or not to call...

April 19, 2011 8:18am CST
my ex husband had friendship with his friend,the one that make us brouk up two years a go,I ready know that she is not serious and just play game with him but he choose her and though would be happy with her,so i bring children with me out of the house and start live with my kids,it was not easy for me and children to stay without him,they are still small and need their father i was laugh and cry and take over all thing myself,and now he just take us home cause she made a lot mistake by play with a lot man here and there and he realize that he made mistake to when i am home i really want to call her and say hi...thank you for taking care of my husband,or thanks for giving back my kids father or dump you...go to hell kind like that just word to make me feel better for the thing that she does for us or just leave it and be happy from now on try to forget her....
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@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
19 Apr 11
Leave her and start a new life with your husband. just try to forget the past since you agreed to live with your husband again,this to avoid any issues with your husband. You must be ready to accept all the circumstances,and try your best to keep your relationship good. Your kids needs their father,and hope everything will be fine.
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• Philippines
19 Apr 11
If you and your husband are really serious about giving your marriage a second chance, then go ahead and forget your pasts and start moving on with your lives. The girl who ruined your relationship is now part of you past so she's one of the person you have to forget. I'm not seeing any reason for you to contact her to say 'thank you' or fight with her. Instead of making your mind busy about that 'other woman', focus yourself in making your relationship works this time. There are things that it'll be better for you to focus on to make you and your whole family happy. Don't waste your time with that mistress. She's not worth it. Be happy and enjoy life :)
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• Japan
20 Apr 11
thanks.....i was thinking the same too right now,remember her is same to remember all the pain in the past thanks....a lot
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• Philippines
24 Apr 11
You're welcome! You're exactly correct that you will just get hurt because of that woman so don't let her continually hurt you. I hope that you and you're family will be happy together now. :) Happy Lotting ;)
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
9 Mar 13
i think you should not call because you will only wasting you time and aside from that children is in your hands so nothing to worry about that and that guy is not deserving for you and he is a waste only.just never call him again or even the girl.
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
12 May 11
Hi. anitarei321. I think that you should just move on with your life with your husband and kids. If this woman came between the two of you in the your life, don't let her this time around. Be smart and leave her alone. She seems like she is nothing but trouble anyway. Live your life with the newness that you have now. Let her stay just right where she is. Don't bother fooling up with this woman at all. She has already done enough of damage, so don't let her do anymore. Your ex husband should just be with you and the kids. She should no longer be a part of the equation at all.
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@Hatley (164469)
• Garden Grove, California
30 Mar 13
hi anitarei I would leave her alone as she could just make life more miserable for you.If your husband is sincere in wanting to come back to you and be a father to your children just be glad and forget that wicked lady for all time. I hope your husband is now sincere and will be a good husband and a good dad for your children.