Is Anyone Else Confused/

@erikmama (12931)
United States
April 30, 2011 2:43pm CST
Today is a payout on Helium. Has anyone gotten their payment from Helium today? I am not sure if I requested mine in time or not. The GMT time they use really confuses me. Can anyone help me understand how the payment works with Helium? You have to request payment before midnight GMT time the day before you want to be paid. Would that have been the 29th befdore midnight or yeasterday before midnight? HELP ME!
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30 Apr 11
"before midnight GMT time the day before you want to be paid" If you want to be paid on Tuesday, you must request payment before midnight (GMT) on Monday. That's how I understand your phrase, at least. I haven't looked at the official Helium thing but it sounds like their payment run kicks off at midnight, so you need to have your request in by then. Whether the payment arrives quickly or not is another matter... I put my request in two days ago and nothing's arrived yet.
30 Apr 11
Woo, synchronicity... I just got a payment notification from PayPal. Looks like Helium payments are coming through right now.
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• Spain
1 May 11
Spike, just to let you know, you can request payment at any time - if you have already made $25 (wouldn't that be great!), you could request it now, but it wouldn't be paid until the next payment date, which is 15th May. So although you requested payment on 28th, it wouldn't be paid until 1st. I usually wait until an hour or two before midnight GMT on 14th and 29th/30th. This means I get the maimum payout, and it also keeps things simple for working out my writing income. Hope this clarifies things a little.
1 May 11
Ignore that, I looked in your profile. D'oh!
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
10 May 11
I will tell you the thing that always gets me is the GMT on it when you are requesting your payment. So, I requested my payment by the time that I thought I would have gotten in for the end of April, but I must have been a little bit too late because I haven't gotten it yet. That is okay though because it means that in just a few days I will have my money that I worked hard to earn. I wish that the request times were in EST though so that I wouldn't be constantly getting confused.