Cheating in NeoPets

May 2, 2011 4:16pm CST
Cheaters in NeoPets are ruining the site. kids play there but when cheating is going on what is it teaching these kids? Nothing good at all. Only bad. It affects every member of NeoPets when people cheat and ruins the site in a bad way. I can't understand why people would cheat on NeoPets it's not like you make real money on the site. Unless you sell your NeoPoints or NeoPets account but that is against there Terms Of Service.
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@Unw0rthy (44)
• Canada
3 Oct 11
The reason people cheat on neopets is because people cheat on anything that they can. Many people only play the game in order to get rich because that is the whole point of it for some people. Also there are people who go against the sites rules and sell their neopoints for real life money and many times it ends up in someone getting the whole group caught and they lose everything. I know that there are many people that play it for fun every day and they have fun whether or not they are rich or not. Some parts of neopets are fun and a good way to make neopoints. Some of my favorites are sniping the trading post and auctions. Even playing keyquest is a lot of fun if you have never played. I would almost explain keyquest as being sort of like mario party, definitely not as good as mario party, but still quite fun. You can get lucky while playing this game and if you win you could instantly get items worth over 100 thousand neopoints. Cheating doesn't have to effect you at all unless you let it.
4 Oct 11
Well I've chosen to give up with Neopets due to the cheating, it is ruining the game, and I also think that they could improve the "Money Tree" a bit more, so that you can only take 1 item an hour or something, that will slow down the cheating there and give other people a chance.
• Canada
4 Oct 11
I really do not understand how fixing the money tree has anything to do with stopping people from cheating. Something that they have done is only allow you to take out 10 items from the money tree a day. That way everyone gets a chance at getting something. It is very rare that there are good items in there. I've donated thousands of the same item and it took over an hour for them to call get purchased.
6 Oct 11
Everytime I went to try and get an item in the moneytree it had gone, I was lucky if I got one thing in a day from there.
@maclanis (1850)
• Belgium
10 Jun 11
Yeah I hate it too. I just play there sometimes for fun, and I had been a member for a long time, so I had a lot of neopoints, and then my account got hacked and then frozen which really sucked. But ah well, now I still play there every now and then, and hopefully that won't happen to me again.
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16 Jul 11
I have stopped playing there now, not worth the time any more and you just can't make any money from it, may aswel be on MyLot rather than NeoPets.