The onions we planted are so tall now

United States
May 7, 2011 2:32pm CST
They are all about 12 inches long. they are straight up in the air. There are two bulbs growing on two of them. They are spreading like wild fire. I like them I can't wait to see what they turn out to be. Did you plant food this season?
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
21 May 11
hi, wow,its a great height of your onions,i wish i could have that too,because here in my country we need to wait nice weather or climate to plant and grow like that and some plants here are only plant seasonally.
@Nadinest1 (2040)
• Canada
8 May 11
No, I do not plant a garden. My parents always have had a garden with potatoes, carrots, radish, lettuce etc. I love, love fresh carrots from the garden, washed with the garden hose and then just bite a piece off. Yum.
@celticeagle (118680)
• Boise, Idaho
8 May 11
In the region where I live you don't plant until the snow is off the mountains. That doesn't happen until about mid to late May. I live in a valley with three ranges of mountains encircling me. The Rockies, the Sawtooths, and the Cascades. We are pretty protected here and have a long Fall so we do have a nice planting season. Glad your onions are doing so well. I have some seeds I am soaking and getting ready for indoor planting first.
• United States
8 May 11
I am not planted anything here and do miss the days that I could plant and garden. I am surprised the onions are growing. I remember you mentioning them. Such a good feeling to see something grow after we plant them. Enjoy!
@Hatley (164629)
• Garden Grove, California
7 May 11
oh gifts I so miss those days when we had our hown house and our own garden and we just planted everythinig, I love onions fresh from the garden. there is a back patio here and front and some ground but the owners are so ornery I doubt if anyof us could use a little ground to grown some fresh veggies? they got after one of my friends here for feeding a stray cat. thats so stupid its pathetic but one of the owners is five too, slim and wears super high heels and walks with her nose stuck up in the air. she is called ginger what a nasty nice for sure.Her husband is the second owner and hes so super sweet he does not fool me.he fawns on you but ask for some changes and he turns you down every time. I feel sick of these pepple. loll So I do not ask anything of them at all. But I did a lot of gardening in other years.
@GreenMoo (11842)
7 May 11
We plant food crops every year and are really busy at the moment as we're in our peak planting season. I planted onions about a month ago, but they're still only a couple of inches tall. I'm pleased with them though, they're strong and coming on well.