How often do you get UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP??

@vesuvius (1677)
May 9, 2011 8:02am CST
Sleep is very important. It's our bodies' recharge from all activities during or wake hours. Ideally, a sleep is a 7-8 hour period of unconcsious state, however a lot of people have problems with sleeping patterns - many can't sleep uninterruptedly and in worse cases some can't even sleep at all. You? How is your sleep? How often do you get UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP??
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@SIMPLYD (77085)
• Philippines
13 May 11
I sleep soundly at night always. Sometimes, i would go to sleep at night even if my husband hasn't arrive yet from work. When i wake up to pee, i would be surprised to see him sleeping so soundly beside me already. He said i was snoring when he arrived!
• United States
10 May 11
Very often because I live underneath a couple with a small child and unfortunately they for some reason find it necessary on a daily basis to stomp on the floors upstairs at 2 - 3am daily. But despite that I also always have lots on my mind and it causes me to a wake quite a bit very often.
9 May 11
My sleeping habits are awful! I usually get into bed at 10/11pm but can never seem to all asleep until 1-2am and i usually wake up at about 5am so if I'm lucky i will get 4 hours in a night. By the afternoon I'm exhausted but by the evening I can't seem to sleep :/
@zeloguy (4915)
• United States
9 May 11
It is very rare that I sleep for long periods of time at one given time. Rather I sleep for shorter intervals (4-6 hours) twice a day. My body has been tuned to get its sleep this way and won't allow me to sleep any further. Even last night after a wonderful mother's day, I was really tired and went to bed early only to wake up at 4am instead of sleeping through the whole night. Weird I guess. Thanks Zelo
@cieldz (711)
• Indonesia
9 May 11
hello vesuvius... :) i love to sleep but i dont have a good quality sleep everyday... and yes there’s something or someone who always interupt my sleep at night... i go to bed around 10-11PM and wake up about 6AM... but sometimes at 2-3AM my older sister scream with bad words when she’s sleeping.. she has some sleeping problem.. and sometimes she’s going to the bedroom with screaming and slam the door... what an annoying sister... i hope you dont have a sister like mine.. good day and cheers.. ^^