What can we really get from internet?

May 30, 2011 8:26am CST
Some of us may think this question is too easy,because almost everyone of us know that internet brings us a lot of interesting and useful things in our daily life.Every day,we turn on computer,and surf the internet.But what do we really get from the internet every day?Maybe,most of the time we use the internet is just to enjoy ourselves.So happiness may be the most common for us.However,there must be a lot more we can get from the internet,like information for life and jobs,knowledge or something esle.So how much do you know we can get from the internet?
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
24 Aug 11
Internet has become the information highway these days, carrying tons of information on a broad variety of topics. It is the way I do market research every day. With my work with a company doing trading internatinally, I am browsing, surfing, and searching on the internet many hours a day.
• India
3 Jun 11
we can get everything what we looking for,it is is the one of the powerfull media.
@missak (3311)
• Spain
31 May 11
I think I wanted to get from internet this: communication with some people I could never meet in real life. Say to them: I' m here and I' m real... unfortunatelly, that is not quiet possible because when we are in internet nobody trusts nobody, everyone lies, so I can't express really myself online, nobody believes it is or should be the real me...
@Bellapop (1281)
30 May 11
I think it is one of the best inventions ever, things that were not possible without it for now so much more access and easier. For example, teaching and learning, the teacher doesn't tell you everything in class and doesn't have The time to answer all of your questions. The chances are if you want to find out about something, that someone else would have said about the same thing and it you can just go the Internet and look it up! Also, those who find it difficult to get the job, or those who have disabilities which make it difficult to leave their homes can still have the chance to make use of the Internet and earn some living from it.