Can someone explain why we are discouraged from "top ten list"-type questions?

United States
June 1, 2011 9:31am CST
In the "Do's & Don't's" of MyLot rules there is a restriction against "games and polls". Apparently "top ten lists" and the like are considered "games" though there is no explicit rule I've seen against "top ten lists". Regardless, if it has been decided this way, then these type of questions aren't going to happen. What is the reasoning against "top ten" type discussions? Wouldn't these be great conversation starters? Wouldn't these help us relate to others in a decent social way? I understand stopping the silly list-types where one person just starts a cycle and asks others to continue ("let's see how high we can count" is listed as an example of forbidden under "games"). I do not see how this relates to "top ten" discussions as sharing of favorite information. How are "top ten" questions much different than "What is your favorite 'thing'" questions?, which are everywhere? Is this only bothering me? If so, don't be afraid to tell me. As a free spirit, and a rat, I'm used to being different and difficult.
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