Another expensive day out with the kids

June 1, 2011 5:16pm CST
I took my kids out today. Its the half term holiday and I didn't want them to spend it playing computer games so I took them to our nearest theme park.I spent almost £100 on train fares, ride tickets, food etc. I can't afford to do this really, but their happy, tired faces when we got home were worth it.
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
2 Jun 11
I took my kids out for the day to Cheltenham on Tuesday. Today I took them to Bristol and it turned out to be a very sunny day. I am pleased that you and your kids had delightful fun at the theme park this half term. I have got a railcard to get cheaper train tickets. Entrance fees cost a lot I believe. Many won't let the people take in their own food and drink. Yet food outlets at theme parks are pricey. The ride prices certainly add up. It is worth having a very enjoyable day out before your kids are back to school next week.
3 Jun 11
The place we went to has free entry but you have to buy tickets or a wristband to go on the rides, and then pay extra for the arcade games and to play other games to win prizes. I got the cheapest wristbands, they were £12 each and are for really small children, but my kids are just about tall enough for the next one up (£17 each) and I didn't think they'd like the bigger rides much. I was going to take them to mcdonalds for dinner but they wanted to eat at the jungle themed cafe so that cost twice as much. Then of course we played and won soft toys, and went to the souvenir shop, and bought photos from the rides...
@asyria51 (2870)
• United States
2 Jun 11
I have only a 2 and a half year old. she is easily amused by going to the park and going up and down the slide 300 times in a row. I do not let her to watch much TV, and the TV that she does watch is sesame street or Dora the Explorer. We listen to a lot of music in our house and read a ton of books. Summer vacation has just started here and my husband and I are both in education so we have the summer off with our daughter. We have been tag teaming her. I get up with her at 6 since I am a morning person, I get her fed and dressed and outside for a bit. My husband gets up around 9, he takes her while I get some stuff done around the house. We take a picnic lunch to the park most days that it is nice and spend about 2 hours there, then come home for nap time. I usually take this time to read a book or play on the internet. Right after nap is normally an episode of Dora along with a snack. Then back outside to explore or make a fort or play in the kiddie pool or any other of a list of things. one of the adults goes in an makes dinner, then it is bath and bed time. We start bedtime with a little bit of tv and couch time, then we read 3 or four of her books, then we listen to music and finally lights out. By then I am so exhausted that I just veg out.
3 Jun 11
My kids watch more tv than I would like, but when there are 3 of them aged 5 and under, its hard to keep them amused at home, and even harder to get them all out of the house and have a successful day trip. Their dad is out of work right now so I have been able to take the 2 older kids out and leave him with the baby
@SIMPLYD (85104)
• Philippines
24 Jun 11
Sometimes, even if we cannot afford it, we do things to entertain our kids. The smile and the fun they have is enough for us to say that our money is worth it. Anyway, we could earn the money once again, but we cannot return to the times when our children are just kids.
@maezee (34086)
• United States
1 Jun 11
Haha, isn't it crazy how expensive kids can be? (Luckily for my pocketbook I don't have them LOL). It's too bad more 'fun' things aren't free.
@nj_1022 (251)
1 Jun 11
THis is very ture, sometimes even if you dont want to spend or have nothing to spend, you will do anything to make your children happy.