Do u think ur profile picture and name attracts others to comment on ur topic?

June 1, 2011 5:58pm CST
i saw a women's discussion, which is a personal one many replied to that in either yes or no manner the only thing that lead me there was her name and profile picture is that the same with all? Have a cute picture could have many discussions?
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• India
5 Jun 11
I do not get attracted to some topic, only because he/she have an awesome profile picture. But there is a natural tendency for us to remember members by their unique profile picture rather than their username. So people who do not change their profile pictures often will definitely get that advantage you mentioned. The scientific explanation is : For most people, left brain is more active and dominant than the right. Left brain is meant to store pictorial (graphical) data & right brain stores text. Thus it is easier for us to remember someones profile picture than their name. Interesting observation... Good question