people in love..!

Bangalore, India
June 6, 2011 4:26am CST
there are a lot of people in the world that one never know to take the right discussion to make the surroundings to maintain that love what they show..! "mistakes in life are natural and i am sure if some one did not do any mistakes then they never belong to the category of human..!" and in this i would like to say that we have to find the truth that.. "see that your mistakes does not take you far away from the people who like and love and care for you..! what do you think..!
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• Mexico
11 Jun 11
Hi vishnumuthu: When I was younger I was really obssessed with mistakes. I don't want to make mistakes, I want everything to be perfect but then I have realized that what we call mistakes are part of our personal learning and growing up. And of course we are humans, we have the right to be wrong sometimes. ALVARO