What would you do if you knew your days are numbered?

@itsack (83)
June 7, 2011 12:49pm CST
If you knew that you only have few years, months, weeks or days to live, what are you going to do? How would you spend your remaining days? Would you spend it to enjoy life or would you use it to lengthen the life of others? Last June 6, 2011, Yahoo!News reported that an unusual group of 270 retirees and older workers who has expertise in engineering and construction to work in the main utility room of Fukushima Nuclear Plant damaged during a strong earthquake that hit Hapan this year. And that's not all, they are willing to do it FOR FREE! Wow, that was awesome! Totally suicidal but for the good of many! Very patriotic and heroic! Well, I know it's ironic, but I can't help to say, BANZAI!
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@jaiho2009 (39019)
• Philippines
7 Jun 11
I admire those people. It is God's manifestation if you are going to asks me. The goodness within directs them to do the good/right thing for the sake of more people,even if it costs their lives. What's inside their hearts and minds only proves that there is a great power of love and caring that pushes them to do it...the power of selfless love.
@itsack (83)
• Philippines
8 Jun 11
Me too, I admire them because instead of spending their remaining good few days for themselves and their family and love ones, they committed themselves to a heroic mission that deserves millions of admiration. Love can truly conquer all. They've conquered fear for they are not afraid of what would happen to them despite the huge potential danger in what they're going to do. They have conquered selfishness for they willfully and freely shared their precious and priceless lives for a cause that will not bring them or their families with any financial returns. A true and remarkable selfless love in action. Their families will really be proud of them and hopefully, this wold shall keep their legacy up to the next generations.
• United States
1 Aug 11
IF I knew my days were numbered I would do everything possible before my days were up. I would write down everything I want to do fun and exciting. I watched the movie called Bucket list and that movie really touched my heart. I think I need to go ahead ans start writing my list of things I want to do now and start checking off on my list.