Why didn't Hermione save Dobby when he was dying?

July 1, 2011 3:41pm CST
Hermione is really smart and knows a lot of spells. Though armed with wand he just look at him(dobby) even though Harry told her to save dobby.
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@anklesmash (1416)
3 Jul 11
In the Harry Potter universe not every wound can be healed Dobby was probably to badly injured to heal and disapparating with Harry and everyone probably used the last of his strength which he could have used to try and fight for survival.The knife he was stabbed with may have had somekind of curse on it that made the wounds worse and harder to heal and they didn't have access to a medical proffesional and all the medical facilities of hogwarts hospital wing or st mungos if they needed a particular potion such as the blood replenishing draught as they wouldnt have had time to make the neccessary potion.
1 Jul 11
I think (though I don't remember very clearly) that she's not very good with healing spells - and he'd been critically wounded, of course. It would have needed a professional to sort that out (and they're only teenagers). At least, that's my logic.
@aredsani (41)
• India
1 Jul 11
i guess hermione saw the future with the gadget she had and knew dobby had to die so she didnt want to fiddle with the future