How many phone do you use?

@resutaa (144)
July 13, 2011 4:41pm CST
Mobile phone is indeed a new way to express your personality and status in life from the designs, color and prices of the phones. I know a person who uses 5 phones at the same time and still not contented and would buy more phones. Somehow the person was ambitious wanting to have things that she can't afford and the solution for her, buying cheap immitation phones from china. Somehow the personality issue was true no doubt for me. I only own 2 phones but I only oftenly use one and the other for emergency like incase i ran out of battery. Mostly I just use my phone for internet and intertainment and some little business deals.
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• China
14 Jul 11
I just own one phone. But that's enough because I am still a student without lots of business. I have to admit that phones make us convenient to communicate with each other. But I definitely feel some people get tired of their phones which takes them a great number of things. These things are from business or work and seem ceaseless. I am absolutely sympathetic to them.
20 Jul 11
I have also one phone but a phone with 2 bullets. It's very pratical in my country because we have several mobile operator and many advantages on theirs sims.
@mythociate (15600)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4 Jul 12
One. A landline. Usually, I don't WANT to be "at the beck-&-call of everyone who has my number." And I hate when people I'm talking to face-to-face put ME on hold for someone who didn't even bother to show up!
@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
14 Jul 11
You use the remote car keys? If your car keys out of the car and remote back up at home, you just call the house with the phone, then hold your phone or your cell phone approximately 30 cm from the car. Ask the person's house to press the release button on the remote reserve in the house (when pressing the button remote opener, ask people to phone home closer remote used).
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
14 Jul 11
recently i reduce my phone from 2 to only 1 phone.. i think it's weird that someone can have up to 5 phones with different numbers, but if she only have 2 numbers then she have 5 phones maybe she like changing her phone everyday... it's a bit expensive but if she can afford it that's ok by me...
@moneywinner (1866)
• Brazil
13 Jul 11
I really don't understand why someone would need 5 phones. Does she really use all the phones or is just for showing off? I have 2 phones too. One I use daily and the other one is pretty much for my family to talk to me and I use it as my alarm clock.