@rifnee (1713)
July 21, 2011 10:20am CST
I do not do very much sport. only once per week tennis. that is about to change now! But I have no idea what to do. I do not want more tennis and I really would like to make a team sport. but please, no soccer, volleyball Do you have an idea?
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• Philippines
22 Jul 11
table tennis, basketball..if you don't like these you can also try skateboarding, it's also a sport and you can invite your friends to learn the thing.
• India
21 Jul 11
I thought you would like soccer and volleyball. But if you don't, you can try basketball (my favorite). Pool is fun if you like indoors. If you don't like either of these I would suggest you to check out every kind of sports you can access and choose which interests you most. Have a nice day!!!
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
21 Jul 11
I had since a small training schedule for you: Morning: 1:30 minutes jogging 2:30 cars swim go 10 lanes chest 10 lanes back 10 lanes crawl 3.20xLiegestütze, 20xSitups, 30xKniebeugen ... 30x 3-kg dumbbells on each side Exercise Lunch: 1.25xLiegestütze, 25xSitups, 40xKniebeugen ... 30x 3kg dumbbells Afternoon: 1.30xLiegestütze, go 30xSitups ... 3 kg dumbbells, for an hour bike Evening: 1.20xLiegestütze, 15 situps, 30xK ... 20x 3kg dumbbells, stretching exercises Would I make a week and on weekends I would go inline skating. As you can see the plan consists of triathlon and weight training. With this training plan, I keep myself fit and build muscles at the same time yet, and I'm in great shape.
• Indonesia
21 Jul 11
Handball, basketball, hockey, hockey, .. sports are something that one would think of as now. But as it would perhaps Dancing (Jazz, hip hop [is also good if you do not like the music necessarily, but tanzn like you;) ],...) if you enjoy it? There you are in a group that must work together, etc., as in a team sport, I think. If you find no interest in it, then just take a look at the program organizer near you/ sports clubs after, what is being offered.